FCC’s deal with big radio an “evisceration” of Spitzer payola talks

They touched that dial.

Both the New York Post and the Houston Chronicle report that New York State attorney general Eliot Spitzer is spittin’ mad over the FCC’s meddling in his thumbscrewing of Big Radio by cutting “inadequate” deals.

Presumably, since Spitzer is also running for the Governorship of the Empire State, a crucifiction of Clear Channel, CBS and Entercom et al would have made for a nice press clipping. But even so, it does smell a bit odd that the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing, especially considering the Spitz was seeking about twenty times more in fines from each company that the Feds.
emperor12.jpgOf course, the FCC – under chairman Kevin Martin (pictured at left) – are already onto the next frolic: Dismantling the ban on cross-ownership of TV stations and newspapers, so the Rupert can own everything, everywhere.

Now, if only Kevin would just get to work on scrapping that annoying anachronism, the Clean Air Act, America could embrace its destiny.