FCC Says No to In-Flight Cellphones

The FCC announced that passengers still can’t use cellphones on planes while they’re in flight, due to a lack of solid information on whether or not that whole interference thing really happens.

Many cell phones have a “flight mode” that turns the transmitter off, but still lets you watch video clips, play games, or do whatever else you want to do. In this mode, there’s no blinking LED, so it’s obvious to onlookers.

But not all flight attendants care. I was just on a recent JetBlue flight and heard one say (nicely) to a passenger that it didn’t matter if his cell phone was in flight mode, he had to turn it off anyway.

The FCC decision also grounds the idea that people can watch mobile TV, surf the Web, or stream music while they’re flying, a fact that’s overlooked in all the back-and-forth about whether or not people will be bothered by voice conversations.

FCC: ‘No’ to Cell Phones on Planes [AP via ABC News]