FCC Renews Deeply Principled Battle to Help Rupert Murdoch Make More Money

Remember two years ago when consumer groups helped defeat a Federal Communications Commission attempt to loosen media cross-ownership restrictions, so that powerful media companies would be able to own even bigger chunks of various media in local markets? Remember how it pitted cynical conglomerates like Tribune Co. — which would crush smaller media in competing markets if the legislation was passed — against outraged lefties who fear big companies controlling larger and larger percentages of the information and entertainment they are presented with?

We don’t, either. But evidently there was a grassroots campaign from said lefties that generated upwards of 2 million comments to the FCC panel, which galvanized widespread public disapproval for the measure and killed it.

Now, perhaps on a high after winning the battle for astronomic post-Nipplegate decency fines last week, FCC commissioner Kevin Martin is revving up for another push on behalf of media moguls across the country, even though it seems even less likely to pass now than it did before.