FCC Poised to Pass Net Neutrality Rules

FCC officials have indicated that net neutrality rules will be approved, though some say the rules have too many loopholes. (Update after the jump.)

Broadcasting & Cable reports the rules include a “transparency rule”  where “fixed and wireless broadband service providers” must “provide relevant information about their services to both consumers and content, applications, and device providers;” would create a no-blocking rule for fixed broadband and mobile sites; and include a rule specifically for fixed broadband providers that would prevent  “unreasonable discrimination” to direct traffic on their networks.

In advance of its meeting on December 21, the FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn issued a statement saying:

The open Internet is a crucial American marketplace, and I believe that it is appropriate for the FCC to safeguard it by adopting an Order that will establish clear rules to protect consumers’ access.

Public interest groups say the proposal is “fake,” the New York Times reports. And Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) said it’s a “weak rule,” particularly in mobile, and has caveats that could give some companies an unfair advantage.

Update: The FCC’s net rules have passed and will be published by the end of the week, although it’s expected they will face legal challenge. More here from the New York Times.