FCC Next-Generation 9-1-1 Initiative Attempting to Allow SMS, Photos, Videos to be Sent to 911

Did you know that 70% of 911 emergency calls are made from cell phones? That’s what FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski noted in a speech summarized in this FCC blog item.

9-1-1’s Next Frontier

Other notable observations:

– 650,000+ 911 calls are made every day in the U.S>
– Most current 911 communication centers do not have broadband data
– 911 cannot currently accept and deal with text messages

The goal of the Next-Generation 9-1-1 initiative will be to enable 911 centers to work with incoming text messages, photos, and video. This initiaive begins next month (December 2010).

Via Wired.com: FCC Updating 911 for the Texting Generation, SRSLY