The FCC Moves Closer to Killing Net Neutrality, Sparks Uproar

The FCC voted along party lines to advance Tom Wheeler's plan, which would allow websites to pay for prioritization. Twitter was not happy.

net neutrality

The FCC voted three-to-two to advance Tom Wheeler’s net neutrality proposal, which would allow websites to pay ISPs for special access to consumers. Critics of the plan have warned that the move would stifle innovation and give an unfair advantage to bigger companies. Pretty much the entire tech industry is against such rules, which are not final yet.

The move sparked uproar on Twitter, where netizens lamented the vote:

Some directed their anger at President Obama:

For more on how net neutrality works, check out this video from The New York Times:

Update: Hundreds of people showed up to protest Wheeler’s proposal outside the FCC’s headquarters. Our sister blog FishbowlDC has more.

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