FCC Furthers Transformation Into Our High School Principal

_39138022_mcenroe_match_al270-1.jpg According to the Hollywood Reporter, the FCC has focused its schoolmarm-like laserbeam of scandalized indignation on the world of televised sports. In the wake of its recent manic crusades to punish those evildoers responsible for the Janet Jackson Super Bowl near-apocalypse and “inappropriate behavior” on television shows, the federal watchdog is apparently reviewing tapes of live broadcasts of sporting events to see if that guy along the third-base foul line mouthed a word that looked like “poopyhead.”

It’s a bold (or “beyond stupid”) move for the tribunal, but it makes more sense in the context of Michael Eisner‘s new venture.

Is anyone else as dismayed by this as we are? Not only will it have a “chilling effect” on the joys of watching live Olympic ping-pong, but it forces us to contemplate a TV and radio landscape devoid of nudity, sex, profanity, and violence. Which would mean that we’d have to turn to the actual world outside for that fix.

Now, spit out that gum, mister.