FCC Asking About Verizon’s $350 Early Termination Fee for Advanced Devices (Smartphone Lock-in)

The last time I bought an Android-based phone (the T-Mobile G1 – the first Android based phone) I returned it and got a full refund by returning it within T-Mobile two week grace period. I was pretty sure that I wanted to buy and keep the Droid longer than two-weeks. But, the new higher early termination fee Verizon announced for advanced devices caused a bit of a problem. Verizon had raised the fee from $175 to $350 (it goes down by $10 every month). I spent a bit of time figuring the total cost of various purchase options in this blog item…

Buy a Droid with No, 1yr, or 2yr Verizon Contract: Surprising Best Price Scenarios

The best, and perhaps surprisin, option was to buy the phone with a two-year contract and canel after owning it for at least 6 months. I wasn’t happy with the sliding $350 termination fee. According to GigaOm, the FCC wants to know more about this high termination fee for “advanced devices.”

FCC Wants to Know Why Verizon Increased Termination Fees

FYI: I’ve had my Droid for about a month now with no plans to exercise Verizon Early Termination Fee option (yet).