FCC Asked to Ban Carrier Blocks on SMS Campaigns

MediaPost is reporting that a coalition consisting of digital rights groups and a New York lawmaker are pressing the FCC to ban wireless carriers from refusing to provide short codes based on content. New York state assemblyman Richard Brodsky, in cohorts with organizations such as Public Knowledge and Free Press, asked the FCC to “reject wireless companies’ argument that they should be able to turn away text message senders in order to control spam” in recent filings

“The provision of short codes is likely to have no effect at all on spam, in part because the provisioning of short codes does not grant any content provider any greater access to wireless consumers than they have today,” the organizations wrote. The moves stemmed from an issue last year in which Verizon Wireless prevented National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) Pro-Choice America from sending text messages to its various supporters before later reversing its position.

(Image credit: Clipart.com)