FBX partner AdRoll launches a new way to retarget across devices


AdRoll, a Facebook Exchange partner, recently unveiled AdRoll Retargeting for Mobile, a new offering that allows marketers to effectively advertise to customers and prospects across devices.

According to AdRoll, their expanded mobile retargeting is currently the only unified solution for advertisers to target segments of desktop site visitors across both Facebook’s mobile apps. Now advertisers can identify high-intent desktop users and target them across mobile devices to drive app installs and conversions through Facebook Custom Audiences and Twitter tailored audiences, all from one unified dashboard. AdRoll is currently accepting signups in limited private beta.

Adam Berke, AdRoll president, announced the news in a press release:

AdRoll is committed to providing marketers with the tools and insights to create campaigns that drive high ROI and solve for their real world advertising objectives. We’ve built deep expertise in retargeting, and we’re now excited to extend our platform to address our customers’ need to reach people across a range of devices.

AdRoll says it’s dedicated to developing a performance marketing platform that extends across devices to address a range of marketing objectives. This first release is unique in solving key challenges:

  • Driving app installs: AdRoll’s solution promotes mobile apps by retargeting desktop audiences on mobile devices with app install ads that drive users to the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

  • Driving conversions on mobile-optimized sites: Increase mobile sales and lead conversions by driving desktop and mobile visitors to mobile sites and landing pages.

  • Providing a unified experience for advertisers to reach users across Facebook and Twitter: AdRoll provides a single platform for data collection, segmentation, optimization, and transparent reporting.

  • Reach across the mobile web: Retarget mobile site visitors as they browse other mobile sites.

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