FBN Brings Back Moderator Team for Its Second Turn as GOP Debate Host

Going with what worked before.

After earning the chance to host a second GOP debate this election cycle, Fox Business Network decided to stick with the hosting formula that worked for them in the network’s first ever presidential primary debate.

For its Jan. 14 9 p.m. ET primetime debate, FBN is bringing back anchor and managing editor of business news Neil Cavuto and anchor and global markets editor Maria Bartiromo. Anchors Trish Regan and Sandra Smith will once again host the 6 p.m. ET undercard debate.

Qualifying candidates for the undercard and primetime debates will be announced on FBN on Jan. 11, during the at 7 p.m. ET broadcast of Lou Dobbs Tonight.

The formulation for how to make it to primetime is different this time around, a nod to the upcoming caucus in Iowa and primary in New Hampshire. To make it, candidates need to either: average into the top six of the five most recent national polls; in the top five in Iowa, based on the five most recent state polls; or in the top five in New Hampshire, based on that state’s five most recent polls. Jan. 11 is the cutoff date for polls that will be considered.

The one percent rule still applies for candidate eligibility for the undercard debate.

The debate will take place at the North Charleston Coliseum and Performing Arts Center in North Charleston, S.C.