FBLA Sweeps Media Crumbs, Finds Gold


Living dangerously at the LA Weekly, Linda Immediato writes about knitting, appropriating the trademarked term Stitch n’ Bitch. Power to the people, dearies.

MediaPost’s Fern Siegel is a little mean about House and Garden. We thought Arianna’s study was lovely.

Eavesdroppers often hear highly instructive things.

Forbes has released another list of rich folks, none of whom are going to bid on the LA Times. Why? Take a gander–

Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks (52); $36.2 billion; banking, investments

Charles Montgomery Burns (104); $16.8 billion; energy

Scrooge McDuck (80); $10.9 billion; investments

Richie Rich (10); $10.7 billion; inherited wealth

Jed Clampett (51); $7.7 billion; oil

Mr. Monopoly* (71); $7.1 billion; real estate

Bruce Wayne (32); $6.8 billion; high-tech

Anthony Stark*, aka Iron Man (35); $3.0 billion; munitions

Prince Abakaliki of Nigeria* (37); $2.8 billion; communications, inheritance

Thurston Howell, III (60); $2.7 billion; shipping

Willy Wonka (57); $2 billion; consumer goods

Lucius Malfoy (51); $1.3 billion; commodities

Tony Montana* (42); $1 billion; consumer goods

Lara Croft (37); $1 billion; antiques

Mario* (23); $1 billion; commodities

*New to the list this year

(S.Claus has been dropped, as Forbes could not ascertain to his fictional status.)