FBLA Suggestions for NY Times Public Editor


Jack Shafer presents his short list for the NY Times Public Editor as does Gawker, and FBLA is a little dismayed. Some of the choices are predictable, like Joshua Michah Marshall and some are insane, like Rachel Marsden. Shafer wants someone under 40, Gawker wants someone to mock.

FBLA thinks that the NYT needs to look further afield, like out here. Our choices are:

Daniel Hernandez — big-paper experience and indie cred. And then there’s the fear factor–the rest of the NYT would think he’s a gangbanger.

Ken Layne and Matt Welch— tag-teamed the LAT, then infilitrated from within. Their band is the only downside.

Nikki Finke–she’s ageless, timeless, and knows where all the bodies are buried. And since she doesn’t need sleep, the barrage of email need never stop.

Jason Blair –you know what they say about reformed sinners.