FBLA Readers, Help Us Figure This Out

We admit we are slightly obsessed with Craigslist Ads. Yes, the gigs for writers and the jobs. We can’t go a day without reading it. Some of the ads are lame, some are scammy, some are insulting – they’re never not interesting. So we post the highlights for you, dear readers. And every time we post a Craigslist ad – we do the journalistic thing and email the poster. Almost every single time. We email them with questions and let them know we’re posting their ad. We’ve been doing this for years – YEARS. And never no once have we ever gotten a reply. Not once. Not one poster has ever written us back and said, “No comment, but thanks for posting my ‘job’ to work full-time while paying me for the privilege.” Or “Thanks for the note, there is an interesting back story to this ad…” Nothing! Ever.

So we ask you guys, the readers of this site, “What the hell?” Serious. Why has no one ever responded? Do we have email halitosis?

Update – 11/18/10: LA writing job posters may be slow off the email mark, but within just an hour of tweeting this article @FishbowlLA, we were having a back-and-forth with Craigslist founder @craignewmark. Way to lead by example, Mr. Newmarket!