FBLA POLL: What Changes LA Times Readers Want to See


FBLA got some very interesting answers to the question

What would you change about the LA Times?

Chris Ayres:
I’d give the entire paper a ton more swagger, hire more columnists, give them more photo bylines, use the journalists to explain and put the news in context rather than just reporting the facts, ditch the 10,000 word articles, revel more in the LA-ness of LA.

Dale Launer:
Tougher entertainment news section (I’m in the movie biz), something a little more hard-hitting. Like calling a schmuck a schmuck. Right now there’s a tendency to suck up for interviews.

Luke Ford:
Add a gossip column.

Barbara Davilman:
Change their font back.

Steve Oney:
A publisher in the mold of Otis Chandler, Katherine Graham, or Bill Paley.

Mike Shermer (also Kevin Stein and Barbara Ellis):
The Times also needs a real Science section. The little weenie half page devoted to science on Saturdays is embarrassing to see and painful to read it is so bad. Southern California has the highest concentration of scientists in the world, and we have the puniest most pathetic science section in the world.

Alissa Walker:
A true, thoughtful, stand alone Arts section that’s called something forward-thinking, like Visual Culture.
On-the-street Los Angeles fashion. Better coverage of the attitude, style, culture, philosophy and social mores of LA. What makes us US?

Mike Schneider:
I’d love to see the paper beef up its local media
coverage. A regular column that focuses on local
radio, TV, print, online. There’s a lot going on in
this market, and no one regularly covering it.

Deke Simon
I’d like to see a regular forum for local teen journalists reporting on the issues in their lives/schools/neighborhoods/families.

Brady Westwater
How about a daily – or weekly feature – 101 ways to fix Los Angeles. Real world solutions to real world LA problems – with real world action items proposed.

Ray Richmond
An owner who will value the editorial product at least as on par with the bottom line. Also, free lottery tickets.

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