FBLA Poll Results: LA, Women Want Becks/Hefner Wants Posh

victoria and david beckham.jpg

London Times correspondent Chris Ayres wondered why Los Angelenos were displaying so little excitement over David Beckham’s moving to Los Angeles. He asked FBLA what the Beckams could expect here and we answered :

Well, once his wife gets over the shock that the biggest soccer fans in Los Angeles are the guys cutting her grass, they should be fine.

Really top-notch journalists always know where to get a great quote.

We did a little reporting of our own at the W party.

Rodney Richardson, a well-tailored art consultant for Sire Records, told us that LA was getting a aging, 31 year-old player with masses of star power for $1 million a week. He started to elaborate when his girlfriend galloped up and herded him away.

Thus challenged, FBLA polled the readership:

47% of our readers were thrilled: Awesome! He’s totally hot!

Emmanuelle Richard asked The Girls Next Door–they totally want Becks.

Kendra : “Ohhh…c’est tellement super. Dites à David que je veux jouer au foot avec lui.”

32% of our readers wanted to know: Is he bringing Posh?

Brady Westwater: Who cares about Beckham? We’re getting a Spice Girl!

(FBLA reminds readers we already have Scary Spice.)

Hugh Hefner’s offered her a pictorial.

20% of our readers weren’t impressed: He’s no Cuauhtemoc Blanco.

We’re counting on Daniel Hernandez to investigate the Spanish-language media reaction.

Mark Ebner spins a conspiracy nut’s wet dream:

The Beckhams (David and Posh Spice) will initially be staying as the guests of the heterosexual Tom Cruise and his hostage-bride Katie Holmes at the Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood.

Or maybe he’s right.