FBLA Poll Continues: How Much Do LAT Readers Care About Internal Strife?

slaugterhouse.jpgA lot, it turns out.

Not surprisingly, people in the newsroom are on high freak-out mode, declaring the End Times and refusing to go anywhere without wolfsbane and a 10-foot pole.

A few people said they see this as yet another patch of turbulence in the always-shaky air space of news.

Rick Porter at Zap2It: “To the extent that I work for another part of Tribune Co., and that what’s going on there could potentially affect ownership of the entire company, yeah, I’m paying attention. But not so much to the inside-baseball stuff about comings and goings in the newsroom.”

But mostly, people in all aspects of LA media are reading about the Times’ trouble with a deep sense of foreboding.

To wit:

Eric Almendral at Filter Magazine says he’s worried for his friends, but also has taken an interest because, “a city
this large, diverse and populous needs and deserves a much better
paper than the one we have. They can wave all the Pulitzers that they
want at me, the LAT just doesn’t seem relevant.”

Ande Dagan: “Not much. I just hope it stays left-leaning.”

Paige Gold:
“As someone who is socially conscious, the reporter cutbacks bother me because I know that most broadcast media news is taken straight out of the print media. So if they cut down on their news coverage (by cutting back on reporters), that harms all of us. (e.g., by eliminating foreign reporters, we’re limiting our knowledge of what is really happening overseas, such as the movements that led to 9-11.)”