FBLA Interview With Roy Rivenburg

We LOVE NotTheLATimes.com and had to learn more about its creator, Roy Rivenburg, a 15-year features writer at the LAT (he quit last year). Rivenburg was a syndicated humor columnist for two years, and enjoyed a brief stint writing Recall Madness, a humor column on California’s recall race.

Despite his pedigree, he agreed to answer a few of our dumb questions:

That looked like it took a tremendous amount of work. What inspired it? Thanks for noticing how much work was involved (actually, the hard part was teaching myself enough Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Flash to put everything together; the writing part was fairly swift).

What inspired it? A few things. I had long thought it’d be fun to parody the paper, but figured there was no way to duplicate the look of the site. Earlier this year, I had dinner with Janine Kahn, a friend who was then web editor of OC Weekly. Somehow the spoof idea came up and she said I could easily reproduce the look of latimes.com by copying their html coding (I can explain more if you want me to get technical). Well, she was wrong about it being that easy, but by then I was determined to do it. So I bought all the software and started in.

How often will you update it? If someone writes me a million-dollar check, I’ll be happy to hire a staff and update weekly. But aside from an occasional update when inspiration strikes, I have no plans on that front.

That’s too bad!