FBLA Hobnobs at Miller-McCune/Harvard Mixer


If you ever go to one of these parties and want to find us – locate the food and there we will be. Part lack of social skills – part lack of time to buy groceries.

We can’t think of a better way to bring writers out to meet editors than an open bar. Flies to honey. Editor-in-chief John Mecklin was there shaking hands and taking cards.

We also met writers Anne Toole, Stephanie L. Smith and Douglas W. Miller – all turned out to be ‘Harvard grads’ – which some of our regular readers know that we use that term as code for ‘Simpsons’ fan’ or ‘bartender’. They, it turns out – went to college.

We also accosted Sara Miller McCune, Chair of Miller-McCune Central Board, before we left. We asked why she chose to have a national magazine in Southern California (Santa Barbara) instead of New York. She told us that her late husband didn’t like New York. Aha take that East Coast snobs!

We then asked her how she liked the experience of creating a new magazine. She told us,”What good is being alive if you can’t get things done?”

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