FBLA EXCLUSIVE: The Anatomy of a “Baby Story” (Or, Who Determines Who Gets The Scoop)

samantha_harris.jpgSamantha Harris can’t help it if she’s everybody’s “It Girl.” The Dancing with the Stars hostess works for ABC. But she’s also a correspondent for E!. So when she announced her pregnancy today, who got the scoop?


“People breaks a lot of baby news and I have never been in the magazine, so this was a fun opportunity. We were excited that they wanted to tell the news in print,” Harris told FBLA.

It’s a fluid world of “breaking news,” where everyone gets to “break” the story their own way, Harris said.

“Of course, for broadcast on television — we wanted my family at E! to be the ones to tell everyone first,” she said. “It is also exciting that later the same night, I will be able to say something on ABC, which is such a family-friendly network.”

Is everyone pleased with the arrangement?

Harris guesses that there is no perfect solution. She was going to elaborate, but a family friend called on her other line — apparently, the networks weren’t the only ones who had to hear about the news from People and E!.

Mazel Tov, Samantha!