FBLA Editor Self-Pimps Huffpo Piece

Yes, your humble editor penned a hilarious piece about Sarah Palin and put it up on Huffington Post.

The piece, titled “Attention Media: Sarah Palin Hates You, You Betcha!” reads:

See, Nixon was bitter because he was just as smart and capable as elites — he just wasn’t one. He got accepted to Harvard but his parents couldn’t afford it. Palin is bitter because “Facts,” as Ronald Reagan once said accidentally, “are stupid things.”

But the press, Palin’s press, her watchers, the people she threatens in the same breath as praising the First Amendment, her press people were given the big screw you on the Nation’s Birthday Eve. In a way saying, “You want to pay so much attention to me — I’ll make you do it when you don’t want to! That’ll TEACH you!!!”

Proving, she who laughs while you’re face-down hammered and out of cell range — laughs best.

And then, just to make this weird, the title was cut short and quoted on on FoxNews.com by S.E. Cupp:

Aside from that brief but truly searing analysis, very few on the left have offered any real interpretations of Palin’s press conference and resignation announcement. Tina Dupuy resoundingly declared on Huffington Post, “Sarah Palin hates you, you betcha! [She hates] the media and all the smarty people in it.”

The great thing is, the piece was a “real interpretation” of the press conference. But Miss Cupp clearly – big shock here – didn’t read the whole piece. And misread the headline. Yes, Palin hates the smarty people and not FoxNews.com.