FBLA Confirms Ryan Seacrest Is In Talks To Replace Larry King

Sources close to Ryan Seacrest have confirmed to FBLA that Ryan Seacrest is in talks with CNN to shimmy into Larry King’s chair. Now “talks” can mean a lot of things, and our source also says, “I don’t think it’s going to happen.”


Well, for one thing Ryan is currently the host of… everything. E! News, American Idol, a popular KIIS-FM radio show — not to mention a producer. Taking on Larry King’s show would almost certainly mean shedding all those responsibilities and losing much of the Ryan Seacrest “brand.” Plus our source doubts CNN would want to fork up the cash it’d take to get Ryan out of his other obligations.

Our big question, though, is why would Ryan even want to do this? Sure Paris Hilton has been on Larry King — and, yes, Ryan interviewed Hillary Clinton — but could Ryan seriously keep from nodding off while talking to political wonks?

In a word, our source says: “Yes.”

“His background is in being a generalist. He’s known for his work with celebrities, but he came up through mass radio. He could pull it off.”

We’re not sure if our source meant King’s job or his suspenders.

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