FBLA Concert Ticket Giveaway: Built To Spill

You want ’em? We’ve got ’em. GoldenVoice was ridiculously nice to us this week, sending our readers to see Lucinda Williams and Spoon. And now, a whole gaggle of y’all are going to see Built To Spill.

The band is playing at the Fonda on Sept. 13 and 14, and we have a bunch of tickets to both. (Remember, if you don’t win, you could always fork over your latte money and support the artists yourselves).

All you have to do to win, is be one of the first people to send an e-mail to fishbowlla@mediabistro.com with “Built To Spill” in the subject line, and the answer to this question:

What song is this line from:

I was trying to help but I guess
I pushed too hard

State which night you’d prefer to attend. We can’t guarantee 100 percent satisfaction, but we can try.