FBLA Accosts John F. Harris in Green Room


We cornered Editor-in-Chief and founder of Politico John F. Harris (pictured on the right, reporter Ben Smith on the left) in the green room between panels and between Blackberry texts to his wife. (She had a Bob Barker sighting at LAX). We asked Harris if Politico was still hiring reporters. He said that they were. They are currently hiring a reporter to cover the House.

We wanted to know why Politico has been so successful while other publications have been forced to layoff journalists. Harris said that he thinks it’s because Politico is geared toward a specific audience. He said that it’s the general interest publications that are struggling and that Politico is for a specific audience. And that the future of media is in niche markets.

Which is exactly what Chris Anderson, Editor-in-Chief of Wired, said at the Mediabistro Circus last spring.

The future is so niche that we can’t even have just one way of pronouncing ‘niche’.