FBLA 20 Questions: Pat Saperstein


Pat Saperstein, as befits a food blogger (Eating LA won the LA Press Club award for best individual food blog) is by turns spicy, salty, sharp, sour and sweet. She’s also a senior editor at Variety as well as a working mom, so we’re doubly grateful for her answers to our trivial yet insightful questions.

1. What newspapers do you read? LA Times, New York Times, Variety, Hollywood Reporter.

2. Which ones do you move your lips to while reading? the Los Feliz Ledger.

3. Which Web sites are on your favorites–besides FBLA? LAObserved, Chowhound, BoingBoing.

4. Where do you get your car washed? My daughter washes it in the driveway to make money for her Forever 21 fund.

5. Do you know your dentist’s first name? Dr. Brown … umm…Jonathan , but I had to Google it.

6. Do you believe newspapers are going to die? If so, when? Newspapers will surely die, but they will return as zombies soon after.

7. What was the last book you read? Echo Park by Michael Connelly

8. What’s the last book you say you read? All 700 pages of American Food Writing.

9. If you got a unicorn what would you name it? I’m torn between Milo and Robespierre . I like Chicory, too. This is too hard.

10. What does you TiVo think about you? It can’t figure out why vintage monster movies keep alternating with various incarnations of “High School Musical” and “Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie”

11. Character of fiction you most resemble? Velma from Scooby-Doo

12. Who plays you in your bio-pic? I’m rotoscoped.

13. Do you floss? No, I hate thongs.

14. Did you ever believe your toys come alive when you leave the room? I know the Godzilla with the flashing eyes definitely does.
Do you still? He still does.

15. How many old cell phones do you own? None, but I own at least 17 pairs of old glasses.

16. Best show legendary biz/movie star encounter. Well, Crispin Glover almost ran into me the other day coming down the hill, but that’s probably not what you meant…I’m told I tried to sing a duet with Judy Garland when I was three at one of my parent’s parties, so I’ll go with that.

17. Do you get satellite radio? My boyfriend’s car plays Howard Stern nonstop.

18. And as a follow do you “get” satellite radio? not really, I like KXLU and KPCC.

19. Do you read the Enquirer/InTouch/US/People? I’ll read US if someone leaves one around at work. Love the fashion commenters.

20. Do you lie about it? Depends on who I’m talking to.