FBLA 20 Questions: Jason Toney


Jason Toney, in his own words, was once the editor of LAist and a b-level blogebrity. Now, he’s a senior producer at Disney.com. Toney’s own blog, Negro Please is famous for music recommendations. And he’s everywhere, Twitter, SXSW, Linkedin. But, no matter where he is, he made time for our foolish, yet curiously revealing, questions.

1. What newspapers do you read? Well, I keep forgetting to cancel my LA Times subscription. Does that count?

2. Which ones do you move your lips while reading? I’m part of the digerati, so you know I click on Salon and Slate and Alternet links but I truly get all my news from youtube kidz. Lip-dubbing “Crazy” counts, right?

3. Which Web sites, besides FBLA, are on your favorites bookmark?
Popmatters and Disney.com (plug) and Go Fug Yourself (plug)

4. Where do you get your car washed?
I’ve decided not washing my car is good for the environment.

5. Do you know your dentist’s first name? No, but it’s Armenian and hard to spell.

6. Do you believe newspapers are going to die? If so, when? No, but the paperless newspaper is what’s happenin’.

7. What was the last book you read?
The Stolen Child by Keith Donohue.

8. What’s the last book you say you read? People’s Movements People’s Press by Bob Ostertag

9. If you got a unicorn what would you name it? Charleyyyy! Hey Charleyyyy!

10. What does you TiVo think about you?
During the summer, it thinks I’m a moron that likes reality tv and pro wrestling.

11. Character of fiction you most resemble? Theo Huxtable

12. Who plays you in your bio-pic? Donald Faison

13. Do you floss? No, but I love mouthwash.

14. Did you ever believe your toys come alive when you leave the room? No.
Do you still? Wait. Do they?

15. How many old cell phones do you own? 3 dead sidekick 2s. 1 lame amp’d mobile phone. 1 beat up MDA.

16. Best show legendary biz/movie star encounter. Well, I met Sidney Poitier, Berry Gordy, and Stevie Wonder all in the same night.

17. Do you get satellite radio? I used to do the XM thing.

18. And as a follow do you “get” satellite radio? Not anymore really, nope.

19. Do you read the Enquirer/InTouch/US/People? No, but I almost picked up this week’s issue featuring “Scandalous photos” of Lindsay Lohan with a knife at Vanessa Minillo’s (is that her name) neck. That’s almost crazy enough for me to care.

20. Do you lie about it? Thankfully, I don’t have to.

FBLA 20 Questions