FBLA 20 Questions: Diz White

dwhitepic.jpgShe’s funny. She’s British. And she’s pimping a book. So why wouldn’t LA voice-over talent/playwright/author Diz White answer our 20 Stupid Questions?

Especially since we agreed to mention her upcoming book signing for The Comedy Group Book (How to Run One!, How to Get Laughs!, How to Make Money!) on Thursday at 7 p.m. at Samuel French Theatre & Film Bookshop in Studio City (11963 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604)

What newspapers do you read?

Daily Mail, The Observer, The Independent. (English Newspapers) L.A. Times, LA WEEKLY, Larchmont Chronicle, International Herald Tribune.

Which ones do you move your lips to while reading

The Larchmont Chronicle but only when I’m reading Mr. Blackwell’s column

Which Web sites — other than FBLA, of course — are on your favorites bookmark?

Abebooks.com, Netflix, Ebay.

Where do you get your car washed?

I don’t, my husband gets it washed for me.

Do you know your dentist’s first name?

Yes, it’s Beatriz (Tobon). She is my wonderful Columbian Dentist in Glendale. She sings as she fixes your teeth. Great voice. Never keeps you waiting. Never makes you scream. Mention my name if you go.

Do you believe newspapers are going to die?

No. Especially not in England, that’s what we wrap the fish and chips in.

What was the last book you read?

Venice by Jan Morris

What’s the last book you say you read?

Principia Mathmatica by Bertrand Russell.

If you got a unicorn what would you name it?


What does your TiVo think about you?

That I’m funny.

Character of fiction you most resemble?

Olive Oyl.

Who plays you in your bio-pic?

Kim Katrell

Do you floss?


Did you ever believe your toys come alive when you leave the room? Do you still?

Yes and Yes

How many old cell phones do you own?


Best show legendary biz/movie star encounter?

With Woody Allen. He bought me a drink. I was sitting at the next table to his in Elaine’s in New York. Someone in my party mistakenly took Woody’s very expensive bottle of wine out of the ice bucket, which was right next to ours, and filled my glass before realizing he had picked up the wrong bottle. So Woody bought me a drink — he just didn’t know it. Woody if you’re reading this — send me the bill.

Do you get satellite radio?


And as a follow do you “get” satellite radio?


Do you read the Enquirer/InTouch/Us/People?

Yes. Yes and Yes. Some of my best comedy ideas are inspired by the Enquirer. Also if you want to know what’s going on in the world read People.

Do you lie about it?

No. Why would I? I’m proud of the fact that I have my finger on the pulse of mediocrity!