The FBI’s List Of Twitter Slang Is Ridiculous

The FBI's List Of Twitter Slang Is Ridiculous

The Internet has been having a good laugh lately at the FBI. The cloak-and-dagger institution is apparently not only listening to your tweets, but they’re painstakingly cataloguing every time you abbreviate or use slang, LOL.

Participatory news tool MuckRock gained access to the FBI’s list of Twitter slang, thanks to a request made via the Freedom of Information Act.

A list of 2,800 acronyms – many of which are difficult to imagine ever being used – is a major part of the uncovered “Twitter Shorthand” document, The FBI’s 83-page guide to speaking “Twitter”.

Some of the abbreviations you’ll surely be familiar with. BRB (be right back) and LOL (laugh out loud) are common enough culprits. But what about BOGSAT? Or TANSTAAFL?

If you guessed “bunch of guys sitting around talking” and “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch,” you’re right! But chances are you probably cheated, because it’s tough to imagine anyone actually using those phrases frequently enough to have to abbreviate them.

Apparently, the guide’s purpose is to help FBI agents keep up with those young’uns online, as it explains that “you should find [these acronyms] useful in your work or for keeping up with your children and/or grandchildren.”

You can read the low resolution version of the entire list here [PDF], and see for yourself how many of the thousands of acronyms you’re actually familiar with.

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