fbFund Voting Ends Today

-fbFund Logo-Today at 11:59 AM Pacific Time, Facebook will end voting for the second round of fbFund applications. For this pool of applications, the top five applications will win $250,000 in “non-recourse grants” to continue building upon their ideas. So far we have only had the opportunity to review 10 of the 25 applications, but there are many more great applications.

I highly recommend checking out the fbFund voting page where you can view all of the applications and still have the opportunity to make your voice heard (at least for the next 3 hours). According to our AllFacebook application statistics, just under 90,000 people have voted for applications. This is a fairly good sample size for voting considering that there are over 120 million users on Facebook (there are probably closer to 130 million at this point).

I’m sure that the applications that made it to this round are anxious to find out when the application winners will be announced. According to a statement from Facebook back in November, the winners are expected to be announced the week of December 8th, so it won’t be too long before we find out what applications won $250,000.

When asked about his thoughts on the fbFund process so far, Jason Beckerman of Teach the People said, “The fbFund process has so far helped us grow our userbase. All of our feedback from users has been incredibly positive which is always a good thing.” Now it’s time to sit back and wait a week or two until the winners are announced. Good luck to all those that participated.