FBDC’s Winners and Losers of Twitter

FishbowlDC’s Mediabistro cousin AllTwitter has just announced the Top 20 Biggest Brands on Twitter, based on number of followers. That got us thinking, how would the DC media orgs rank up? Below we’ve compiled the most recent follower stats for the biggest brands in DC Journo-Land.

Here are the top take-aways: 1) WaPo has more followers than all other DC-based papers combined; 2) The 44 year old National Journal hasn’t yet cracked 100k, while 4 year old Daily Caller has more than 124k; 3) CNN has, far and away, the most followers out of any news org -Anderson has more followers than FOX and MSNBC combined; 4) Brian Williams doesn’t tweet, but has almost 200k followers; 5) CBS News personalities have some serious work to do in terms of online branding -even FishbowlDC has more followers than Scott Pelley.

DC Papers:

Washington Post: 2,290,181
USA Today: 862,012
Washington Times: 118,615
Washington City Paper: 37,186

Political Pubs/Websites:

Politico: 650,108
The Hill: 391,327
Roll Call: 158,259
Daily Caller: 124, 629
National Journal: 75,524
FishbowlDC: 26,075
Washington Examiner: 15,130

Cables and Networks after the jump…


CNN: 11,149,065

  • CNN Breaking News: 14,540,942
  • Anderson Cooper: 4,586,267

Fox News: 3,505, 291

  • Bill O’Reilly: 504,413

CBS News: 2,856,264

  • Bob Schieffer: 50,597
  • Scott Pelley: 16,969

ABC News: 2,852,530

  • George Stephanopoulos: 1,912,615

NBC News: 1,163,933

  • Brian Williams: 184,222 (0 tweets)

MSNBC: 537,620

  • Rachel Maddow: 2,789,420

CSPAN: 431,188