FBDC Web Ratings Roundup: Networks

A few weeks ago, FishbowlDC took a  look at the web traffic numbers for DC publications for the month of December. Now (albeit belatedly), we bring you December’s numbers for network and cable news websites. As a general trend, web traffic was slightly down in December compared to November, which isn’t unusual for the holiday season. And traffic is way down across the board compared to December 2012. This could be the result of interest in the news waning after an election year.

The takeaways: 1) Yahoo News is pulling all the weight in the ABC-Yahoo relationship when it comes to the web. The Yahoo-ABC network of sites got 76 million unique visitors in December, thanks mostly to news.yahoo.com. ABCNews.com got only 17 million by itself. 2) NBC is the top broadcaster online, with NBCNews.com pulling in more visitors than ABCNews.com and CBSNews.com combined. 3) MSNBC.com is dead last. Their web traffic pales in comparison to Fox, much less CNN.

A few notes on reading the chart. The list below includes individual websites as well as networks of websites. For example, CNN.com is ranked 5th, while the CNN network, which includes CNN.com, CNNMoney.com, etc, is ranked 2nd. Yahoo is included in the list because of its partnership with ABC, even though it is not a television network.


Uniques (in millions)% Change MOM% Change YOYPage Views (in millions)
1Yahoo-ABC News Network76-2%-16%2,298
2CNN Network64-3%-6%1,586
3Yahoo News61-2%-20%1,078
4NBC News Digital520%-4%729
6CBS News36-6%-3%644
8Fox News Digital Network290%-24%802