FBDC Web Ratings Roundup: November 2013

Image courtesy of shutterstock.com

Web traffic numbers are in for the month of November, and FishbowlDC checked in with our friends over at comScore to find out which DC media outlets are reaching the most people. Below are the numbers for the orgs that are available to us this month. We’ll try to get more info from other orgs in the months to come.

The big take aways this month: 1) As with our Twitter rankings, WaPo is clearly the most dominant online presence out of the orgs surveyed here. 2) TWT and Politico have roughly the same unique visitors but TWT has far fewer page views. This indicates that Politico readers are sticking around longer and reading more articles. 3) The DC makes a strong showing for a newer org. Its readers also appear to be rather dedicated -reading multiple articles and pushing up it’s page views. Note that The Hill has comparable uniques but only a third as many page views.


Unique Visitors (in 1ook’s)TotalPage  Views (in millions)