FBDC Tweeterboard: National On-Air Talent

It’s that time of the month again to check out the social standing of DC’s stable of national correspondents and anchors. FishbowlDC tallied the Twitter followers of the top 20 on-air journalists including broadcast, cable, and radio. Here’s what we found:

1.)George Stephanopoulos*ABC1,936,395
2.)David GregoryNBC1,651,521
3.)Newt Gingrich*CNN1,493,576
4.)Scott SimonNPR1,251,445
5.)John DonvanABC1,232,606
6.)Wolf BlitzerCNN697,050
7.)Bret BaierFOX453,195
8.)Chuck ToddMSNBC415,265
9.)Greta VanSusterenFOX406,677
10.)Jake TapperCNN324,883

Catch 11 – 20 after the jump…

11.)S.E. Cupp*CNN263,696
12.)Brit HumeFOX241,528
13.)Chris MatthewsMSNBC239,182
14.)Brian Stelter*CNN220,546
15.)Andrea MitchellMSNBC215,826
16.)Candy CrowleyCNN204,452
17.)Luke RussertNBC180,014
18.)John KingCNN153,147
19.)Mark KnollerCBS148,878
20.)Howard KurtzFOX129,429

*Brian and George both spend most of their time in New York, but host DC-based shows. Newt and S.E. are obviously pundits as opposed to journalists, but since they host CNN’s “Crossfire,” they’re included in the list.