Fawkes Chimes In, Chides Scoble

Speaking of that last post about Kathy Sierra, Piers Fawkes over at PSFK has up some comments about the whole ordeal, but, at times, coming at it from a slightly different angle: he’s after Robert Scoble for deciding, because Sierra is going to stop blogging, that he’s going to stop blogging too, in a show of support. Fawkes thinks that’s a pretty empty gesture. Here’s some:

Robert Scoble’s strike is daft, full of poor judgement and the wrong thing to do. His actions fill me with contempt. On his blog he says:

So, since she doesn’t feel safe. [sic] I’m going to stop blogging in support of Kathy, who I consider a friend and someone who’s [sic] voice would be dearly missed here. I’ll be back Monday.

Scoble has created this position as a very powerful influencer even though he seems to spend most of his time navel gazing. When finally someone – Kathy – needs his help, what does he do?

He disappears!

Maybe this is the beginning of an all out blog war.