Why Favstar.fm Should Be Part Of Your Twitter Strategy

Since launching in July 2009, favstar.fm has grown from a service that tracked the tweets people would mark as a favorite on Twitter, into the go-to site for finding funny and clever Twitter users, and more.

While that is useful if you’re in need of a laugh, favstar.fm has a function that is valuable to anyone trying to develop a Twitter strategy for their organization or business.

The most common thing that people do when they come across a tweet that they like, is re-tweet it to their followers. They’re passing the information on, with a nod, saying they believe it may be of interest to the people who follow their account on Twitter.

However there’s another thing that people do, that I believe is more valuable than a re-tweet: Favoriting a tweet.

That’s the primary function of favstar.fm. Once you log into the site via your Twitter account, your favorites, and the tweets of yours that people favorite, are tracked and displayed on the site.

Favstar will display the tweets that you posted, that were starred by other people. It will show you who marked it as a favorite, and how many other people may have, as well. A new feature also shows how many people re-tweeted your tweets.

Another feature is the ability to see who has starred your tweets most often, as well as seeing whose tweets you’ve starred most often.

There is a lot of data available to someone who is using favstar.fm to track their Twitter account.

Using the data from favstar.fm, it’s possible to develop content strategies around the content that gets the most reaction, whether it be re-tweets or the number of times it is starred.

While growing a Twitter following is important, knowing what people are doing with the content you’re posting is important, too.

With favstar.fm, you can see what content you post intrigues someone enough to want to go back to it again later. That’s valuable information that should be tracked, along with everything else.

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