Are You ‘Favoriting’ Too Many Tweets?

If you’re on Facebook, you probably get annoyed when your stream gets spammed with all the “likes” of your friends, so how do you feel about being alerted to everyone’s “favorites” on Twitter?

It’s a growing trend on the micro-blogging platform and one that has the potential to get out of control – fast.

Business Insider reports that “favoriting has quickly developed into Twitter’s answer to Facebook’s like. It’s a way of saying, “Good Tweet!” without retweeting the tweet.”

Don’t believe us? Check out this chart that came from Twitter employee Isaac Hepworth, who works on “Unusual Projects” at Twitter. (We assume it’s from him as his name is on it.)

Why is this becoming so popular?

“The reason ‘favoriting’ took off is that Twitter updated its app to include “interactions” in its “@” section,” says Business Insider. “Favoriting, which had been a private thing, suddenly became public as it was easier to see the favoriting.”

Right now it only comes up when someone favorites your tweets, but we bet you’ll be able to see when anyone you follow favorites a tweet in the future.

But should it be used that way? When you favorite something, the result is VERY different from what happens on Facebook. Your favorites can be seen, forever, on the “favorites” link when someone visits your profile:


So shouldn’t this be a carefully curated list?

(Star image from Shutterstock)