Favorite 2010 iPad Game? Mine is Plants vs. Zombies HD

Every blogger in the world seems to have a 2010 “best of”, “favorites”, or “most important” pick or list. So, why should I be any different. So, I’ll spend the last few days of 2010 discussing gadgets, apps, and perhaps an accessory or two that stood out for me in 2010. I should note that these picks are my personal picks and do not reflect the opinions of mediabistro.com (this blog’s parent firm) or even my friend and co-blogger, Frank McPherson.

Let’s start with an easy one for me: Favorite iPad Game. Note, that I’m not calling this the “best” iPad game because I simply haven’t tried enough to make that determination. My pick? It is the very first game I bought the day I received my iPad.

Plants vs. Zombies HD

This was a $9.99 purchase at the time and worth, in my opinion, every penny for the many (and this is hard to admin) hours of entertainment it has provided since April 4, 2010. What can be more fun an relatively harmless than having animated sentinent plants taking out a bunch of cartoony zombies? Quite honestly, having tried a number of extremely good racing games, puzzle games, and simulations, I keep returning to PvZ whenever I want a few minutes of quick entertainment. The app’s price is currently $6.99.

I hope some of you will chime in with your own favorite iPad game recommendations. I’m always looking for a good casual game.

Next up? Stay tuned. Be assured that I won’t ignore the other mobile platforms I use daily like Android OS and Windows Phone 7.