Faviki Offers Social Bookmarking with Semantic Tagging

faviki.jpgAt first look you’d think that new social bookmarking site Faviki is your usual social bookmarking site in the likes of Digg and Del.ici.ous. Well, most probably you are right, if we are to look at it as a web service that lets you bookmark links and urls and consequently assign tags for better organization and access. But, Faviki offers more than the usual stuff.

Faviki looks, feels and works like other social bookmarking sites. It lets you tag webpages you want to remember. But what makes it different from all the rest is that it lets you tag those webpages using Wikipedia terms. And when you tag it as such, you get to link your bookmarks with refereces on the web’s biggest stock of knowledge. Sounds cool?

faviki_screen.jpgUsing Faviki to bookmark webpages is similar to how you use other social bookmarking sites. You create an account, drag the Faviki bookmarlet on your browser’s bookmark toolbar and start bookmarking pages. In a way, Faviki gives you a more organized way of tagging web pages, unlike in other social bookmarking site where tagging is done freely with words that you think best represent the webpages.

To see how the tagging feature of Faviki works with Wikipedia, check out the tag clouds on the right sidebar. Click on one tag and you will be brought to another page which list down the bookmarks which reference to the tag. On the right sidebar, you’d see a brief description of what that tag is all about plus the link to its Wikepedia entry.

Faviki has the making of a killer application. The only proble it faces right now, is how to get into the social bookmarking niche with the presence of already popular del.ici.ous, magnolia and others. But sometimes, we users tend to look for something else. So, Faviki is a good alternative, if not worthy of at least a try.