Roger Friedman Suffers Through The Fault in Our Stars

FaultInOurStarsCoverThe early Rotten Tomatoes line on The Fault in Our Stars is pretty good – 90% from critics, 96% from the public.

Then there’s Roger Friedman’s take. The Showbiz 411 columnist does not link his stuff through RT. If he did, and if RT was still allowing reader comments on individual reviews, the teen Multiplex crowd would be all over him for his slam of Hollywood’s adaptation of John Green’s bestselling tearjerker:

Just as the Beebs hoped Anne Frank would have been a Belieber, Green picks the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam as the spot where his romantic (and cancer stricken) teen couple can make out. This is followed by slow clapping from the other tourists visiting the most famous spot in the world where Jews hid from the Nazis. Why not?…

And the [titular] quote? It doesn’t matter to [director Josh] Boone since he left it out of the movie. “The fault is not in our stars.” That’s the quote. “The fault is not in our stars, Dear Brutus. It’s in ourselves.” This is from Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. No one mentions it in the movie. Maybe Shakespeare wouldn’t license it to the producers. Smart man.

“Uncle Roger” notes that his two nieces, who accompanied him to the Ziegfield for the advance screening, couldn’t get enough of the Bard-lightened flick. The girls may not be talking to him for a while, after this write-up.

[Jacket cover courtesy: Speak]

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