Fathom Interactive announces Sky Pirates Racing 2 for Facebook


Vancouver-based Fathom Interactive has announced Sky Pirates Racing 2 for Facebook, a follow-up to Sky Pirates of Neo Terra Racing, the company’s 3D racing game. The original game sees six players racing against each other in real time, using magically-powered gliders called Glidewings. The sequel will expand the game’s universe, offering new race modes, a single-player mode and more.

Sky Pirates Racing 2 is set to offer multiple technical improvements over the first game, including improved graphics and a better user interface, as well as new customization options for players as they race.

“The response to the Sky Pirates brand has been amazing so far, and we still have a lot in store for the fans,” said president and creative director Sean Megaw.

The sequel’s announcement comes just days after the Sky Pirates of Neo Terra Facebook fan page reached 1 million Likes. The franchise’s games and comics follow Glidewing pilots Billy, Suma and Ricket as they race the Sky Pirates to prevent the Witch Queen from taking control over the land.

Sky Pirates Racing 2 will launch on Facebook in Q2 of 2014. Check back soon for more and to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for social and mobile apps and developers.