Fatherly Advice

With Father’s Day coming up, it’s time for the media to start acting like it’s just as important as Mother’s Day. (It’s not.) Refinery29’s Holly E. Thomas takes a look at 9 of the “coolest” dads in D.C. and gets their best fatherly advice. Speaking as the only father on the FBDC team, I think it’s important to point out that a good dad is rarely a “cool” dad. So, right off the bat, I’m skeptical of this piece. But, what the hell. We might even learn something from these cool dads. Let’s start with Urban Daddy’s Jeff Dufour. He gives us this sage advice on having a young one. “”The best part about fatherhood is how it changes your perspective for the better almost instantly. For instance, never before would I have thought it possible to find humor in someone peeing all over me.” Believe it or not, some people would pay GOOD money have someone pee all over them, so this isn’t quite so crazy.

Up next, we hear from Chris Cillizza from WaPo who talks about his young son, who says, “”Being a dad has taught me about context. My son doesn’t care about the people yelling at me on Twitter about my blog posts.” At least Cillizza seems to have his priorities in order. There are a lot of journos in the town who would actually prefer to have people yell at them on Twitter over spending time with their kids.

We also get advice from WaPo’s Joe Heim, who says, “I feel like they are always teaching me something new and making me rethink assumptions and beliefs. The only really valuable thing I’ve tried to teach them is how to make coffee for Mom and Dad.” Nothing like a little forced child labor to tell your kids that you love them, Joe. The last time we heard from Heim was when he stuck his over-parenting nose into the recent situation involving WaPo‘s Rosie the Intern. Joe, maybe you should have those kids switch your brew to decaf and stop trying to play father-at-large in fights you don’t belong in.

Not that anyone asked, but if you’re looking for parenting advice, I’ll just tell you this. Kids practically raise themselves. The more you stress over them being model citizens, the more likely they are to turn out like Lindsay Lohan. If these helpful tips weren’t enough for you, feel free to write in to fishbowlpeter@gmail.com all week as we lead into Father’s Day. It might be worth getting some advice from someone who is anything but a “cool” dad.