Father of Java, James Gosling, Heading to Google to Bring Adult Supervision to Android?

(Photo source: Wikipedia) James Gosling, often credited as the inventor of the Java programming language, was at Sun Microsystems from the time shortly after receiving his Ph.D until shortly after Sun was bought and absorbed by Oracle.

In 2009, Gosling drew some attention for a comment he made during an interview with eWeek’s Darryl K. Taft.

Gosling: What’s Good for Google May Not Be Good for Java

And what’s going on in the Android world is there’s kind of no adult in charge. And all these handset manufacturers are doing whatever they damn well please. Which means that it’s just going to be randomness. It could be let a thousand flowers bloom, but it also could be a dog’s breakfast. And I guess having been around the track a few times, it feels like it’s going to be more of a dog’s breakfast.

Guess where Gosling’s next job will be?

Java creator hangs his shingle at Google

Will he bring adult supervision to Android? It is doubtful that he will work on on Android. However, it would be very interesting to be in the room when he meets with that group at some point in the future.