Fast & Furious, Iron Man, Scarface and others among this week’s top PTAT gainers for movie pages

The Fast & Furious movie franchise has earned the title of this week’s most engaged movie Facebook page. The page boasts a PTAT of over 2 million making it fourth fastest rising page among pages of all categories. The next top rising movie page received 468k engagements, 1.5 million less engagements than the Fast & Furious page.

This list of top gaining movie pages is compiled with PageData, which tracks page growth and engagement across Facebook.

#NamePeople Talking AboutDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1    Fast & Furious3,250,1830+2,084,271
2    Iron Man1,068,4330+468,335
3    Scarface™516,794-2,154+433,643
4    Aashiqui 2472,923+43,502+266,490
5    After Earth394,926+38,595+210,175
6    The Hangover558,421+23,422+198,569
7    Star Wars359,5690+171,192
8    Ace Ventura: Pet Detective171,054+4,511+164,668
9    A Walk To Remember230,120+5,853+164,101
10    Juno140,0030+134,029

In anticipation for the films release in the next few weeks, Fast & Furious has increased its marketing efforts by purchasing Facebook Ads. Much of these ads have been video page posts placed in both the news feed and the right ads column. Rather than promoting the most recent post on the page, it chooses to promote content that is more substantial such as a trailer or a video. This is the type of content that users want to engage with and hold a true interest in.

As it can be seen here, the page managers are using the Power Editor to promote and monitor their ad. Though this trailer was originally released on April 28, using it as an ad has increased how long the post has remained relevant.

Coming in second on this week’s list, Iron Man released the franchise’s second sequel this past weekend. Despite the movie coming in No. 1 in the box office worldwide, it still only garnered a 468k increase in Facebook engagements. It is clear that some of the page is purchasing ads for some posts, these ads are not rich in content compared to Fast & Furious. Instead of promoting a video, the page chooses to promote photo posts.

Visit PageData to see more about the top talked about movie pages as well as other categories.

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