Fast-Food Consumers Too ‘Sophisticated’ For BK

Wendy’s is out-marketing Burger King and is now poised to take the second spot on the list of top U.S. burger chains, the Financial Times says.

Only this summer, Burger King made headlines for its decision to drop its creepy mascot. Since then, it has been focusing a lot more on the quality of its food. Along with dumping its mascot, Burger King split with its ad agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, which created that spokesperson along with other campaigns like “Flame,” cologne that smells like burgers. The FT says the split with CP+B could have something to do with BK’s fall from grace.

The other problem, the article says, is that Burger King’s food is kind of crappy.

For its part, Wendy’s, which has long been in third place, has been focused on the product, overhauling its menu, even changing its iconic square burgers, a decision made after extensive customer research. A video about its burgers is available below. As publicists often say, you have to start with a good product.

Scary fact from The Wall Street Journal: Americans are expected to spend $175 billion at fast-food chains this year, up three percent from last year. Produce sales are expected to increase six percent, but that’s largely due to higher retail prices. In fact, volume will decrease three percent. That sound you hear? Arteries hardening.