Fast 140 is a Social Twitter Typing Game

Remember when you first learned to type back in school, and the teacher would have you type repeating lines of sentences that didn’t always make sense? Well, a new game for Twitter, called Fast 140, is a somewhat social version of that same activity.

Fast 140 has you type a random tweet displayed at the top of the screen. The objective is to type the tweet as fast as you can. The more shorthand characters (especially symbols) presented, the harder it may be. As the player types, the letters of the tweet are highlighted to signify whether or not your text is accurate. Should you make a mistake, it won’t proceed until you correct the error. Your rank and the top high scores are displayed (and updated live) below the game’s main screen.

Once you finish typing a tweet, you can continue by clicking “New Game.” It will bring you to yet another random tweet. This process feels rather unintuitive, though. Because Fast 140 is a typing game — and the idea behind it is speed — most people would likely prefer to hit “Enter” rather than have to move their hands away from the keyboard and use the mouse.

The only other downside: Some tweets are rather vulgar, with no visible way to filter them out. While this won’t concern many users, parents should be aware of it as their kids use Twitter.

Despite those drawbacks, the game is surprisingly addictive. You not only compete against your own high scores, but the fastest Twitter tweet typers as well (the current #1 is an impressive 212.1 words per minute). You can view any active games currently in progress. The game has a well-constructed viral system that sends out a tweet whenever users play their first game.

Of course, like most Twitter games, Fast 140 is meant to fill up some spare time here and there. But the personal touch of typing other people’s tweets is a unique approach to something as (normally) drab as a typing game.