Fashion Week: Wintour Watch Continues

ellies_2007_anna_wintour_sm1.jpgWe were looking, but we didn’t see Anna Wintour at the BCBG show (although her usual retinue of staffers was front and center). Word is she wasn’t at the Alexandre Herchcovitch show either. When Manhattan’s most ardent US Open fan did make an appearance at the Erin Fetherston show, one veteran fashionista said she arrived with not one but three bodyguards in tow. “It’s not like she’s Paris Hilton for God’s sake,” sniped the journo. Even money says she’ll need her trio of protectors if she shows up on Monday at Oscar de la Renta‘s show with Roger Federer (if he wins) like she did last year and wants to protect her favorite player from the pesky paparazzi.

Diane Clehane