Fashion Week un-jumps the shark

Last time around, the semi-annual LA Fashion Week was met less-than-enthusiastically by the New York / Milan / Paris -centric fashion cognoscenti. Here’s Anna Wintour, for instance, looking unhappy to be stuck here:

However, the current Fashion Week, taking place right now, seems to have attracted a decent share of media attention, which Booth Moore rounds up in the LAT. Vogue is sponsoring something; GQ is sponsoring something; lots of sponsoring is going on. Already looking forward to the promo photo spreads in a few months. There’s even going to be something called the Los Angeles Fashion Awards, hosted by Melissa Rivers. (I wonder who passed.)

Nonetheless, if you do a news search for ‘Los Angeles Fashion Week’, you mostly get items from England or Canada or India. So: Los Angeles Fashion Week! Very influential on the streets of Mumbai!