Fashion Week: From the Trenches

It’s one of the biggest mysteries of Fashion Week: Just who are all these people? These days, beyond the fifth row of every show, we can never identify more than a handful of people (and we’re plenty good with faces). At the week’s biggest shows held in the Tent: Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta — the rows of ‘standing’ onlookers were three and four deep atop the bleachers, while huge numbers of people clustered next to the photographer’s pen, as well. What would happen if ever there was an emergency call to exit the venue? Think Britian and soccer games.

While editors from Vogue, Bazaar, Allure and the like sail in without having to contend with the overflow, many reporters are growing increasingly frustrated by the bottlenecks caused by the throngs of hangers-on. At Michael Kors yesterday, we opted not to sit in our fifth-row seat so we could make a quick getaway for a noon screening of Marie Antoinette uptown. Instead, we thought it might be easier to stand in the back on the bleachers right near the exit. Bad idea.

Aside from having to elbow through a throng of various people’s sisters, accountants and friends of friends, there was a nasty encounter with a renegade cameraman who obviously wasn’t supposed to be there (he declined to identify himself or the outlet he was covering for). Once the show started, he pushed everyone out of his way, stood right in front of a crowd that was already perched precariously close to the stairs, plopped his video camera on his shoulder and began shooting, effectively blocking the view of everyone around him. An attempt to motion for security to move him (while not causing a scene) was met with a shrug. Note to fashion show producers and publicists: Why do serious credentialed reporters from reputable outlets sometimes have trouble getting a ticket to a show but there is always room for wannabes and posers? Something has to be done about this and fast. It’s not only annoying — it’s dangerous.

–Diane Clehane

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