Fashion Week: Celebs to Press @ Michael Kors: Look But Don’t Talk to me!

With the surprising dearth of A-listers at Fashion Week (Does Sophia Bush ever stay home?), those of us who brave crowds at the tents to ask celebs burning questions like: ‘Besides your Blackberry what do you never leave home without?’ the Michael Kors show promised to yield plenty of chatty items that populate the pages of People and Us ‘Weekly. IGM’s Fern Mallis said there’d be no less than 15 marquee names (“Raquel Welsh is backstage”)in the front row. Jackpot!

When Angie Harmon had been nice enough to stop and chat about the Writer’s Strike on her way into the tents, things looked promising. We took a lap around the front row spying cards that boasted names such as Natasha Richardson and Sigourney Weaver. A few seats down, there were plenty of blanks (with the exception of a sole seat tagged Chris Ivery‘ — clever, since he’s the hubby of Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo and the seat next to him was empty. However…

By 11:35 (show time was 11 am) there was nary a star in sight and the lights dimmed. Imagine our chagrin when Rebecca Gayhart and hubby Eric Dane were quickly ushered to their seats followed by Debra Messing and screenwriter spouse Daniel Zelman, tailed by Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria. All were deposited in front of the wall of photographers for the requisite posing and preening before being escorted to their seats without having to talk to any pesky reporters. Only Kors’ mom Joan and Allure’s Linda Wells ventured across the runway before the models strutted their stuff to exchange greetings with the distant stars.

Here’s a newsflash for red-carpet denizens: If you find press attention so off-putting, stay home. Photographers — siblings to the same paparazzi who stalk you on your Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf — runs get full-on ops, while reporters are relegated to basking in your reflected glow? If it weren’t for magazines — and Web sites, for that matter — like the ones who were kept from talking to you, who would write about your fab wardrobe and favorite beauty products without mentioning your latest movie is a bomb (Eva, we’re talking to you)? And, if the intent was to keep things civilized it only served to make things more frenzied when the show ended.

The ‘look but don’t dare talk to me’ stance is at most obnoxious and, at very least, ill-advised. If the writer’s strike slogs on, these very celebs will likely be seeking publicity from the same scribes they snubbed at the fashion shows. How about a celebrity press strike? There’s a thought…

Diane Clehane