Fashion UK Launches Dress Betty Boop on iOS

The game sees players dressing Betty to match specific themes before running out of time.

Betty Wardrobe

Fashion UK, a licensed merchandise company, has announced the release of Dress Betty Boop on iOS devices. The game stars the depression era cartoon icon, and challenges gamers to complete stages by dressing Betty to fit themes or occasions before running out of time.

On each level of Dress Betty Boop, players have a set amount of time to pick the right items, from the right categories, to fit a theme. For instance, players may have 15 seconds to find four items fitting the theme of “Date Night Bowling.” A weather element is also present, as players must make choices matching the weather of the venue Betty will be attending (for example, not wearing a heavy sweater when heading out on a mild sunny day).

Players earn points for each correct item choice, and must earn a minimum number of points to pass each stage. Gamers can replay levels to earn more points. As players progress, they can increase the difficulty by replaying levels with different goals.

In a statement, Gurdev Mattu, CEO of Fashion UK, commented on the game:

Being a long-standing Betty Boop fashion apparel licensee, and our desire to always move with industry trends, the opportunity to create this fashion led app game seemed too good to miss.

This is the first app release from Fashion UK, following the company’s four-year history working with major mobile game brands, including Angry Birds, Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Flappy Bird and more. The company is working with Leadbolt for the game’s monetization, which includes video and interstitial ads.

Dress Betty Boop is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.